Next to fix and upgrade

There’s a weird click when i turn my wheel hard left or right, coming from my front right wheel, it doesn’t happen with the Z in the air, only under load, so i’m going to say balljoint since i just did the steering rack and tie rods.  RockAuto has them and cheap shipping from usa to canada so a couple balljoints are on the way, i just need to find/rent a balljoint press to get it in/out of the lower control arm.  I also have found an upper control arm for the front left side since mine has been bent for years, thanks to prev owner being in an accident and trying to cover it up before selling to me 😛  of all the damage i’ve discovered this is the last piece that hasn’t been repaired yet.

Saw this online today and it renewed my want for the hidden trailer hitch 🙂  $300 and i’d be one step closer to having a trailer made out of the hatch of a Z being towed behind the Z!  Would be great for road trips and car shows.


Author: 403zAdmin

={[ 300zx z32 JDM TT 2+2 ]}=

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