sylvan lake show

pretty stoked about this Saturday’s car show at Sylvan Lake!  The Z is almost ready, here’s a pic from yesterday when I was painting the trim that wouldn’t nicely come off of the car.

weather is supposed to be great and we have a few 403z rides in a convoy.  WildRapids Waterpark is closing this year, after 35 years of business so I’d like to go there also, one last time

crash restore

My buddy Brody in the YYC is rebuilding a neglected crashed Z that spent the last decade hiding in grass in a field somewhere. ¬†Great progress so far and big aspirations, i can’t wait to lend a hand on the engine work and see what we can do. ¬†He’s thinking meth, nitrous, widebody (or flares), engine tucks, wheels, the works

Paint update

Well, what an experience, both good and bad.  I’ve never painted a car before and it was time for the Z to get a fresh look. 

The hood was faded, the one door was a different color of red after being swapped out, chips and small dents to fix, and the whole left half of the car was plastidip red and full of road stains.

Last steps this weekend will be to wetsand the clearcoat, buff, and polish 

Bye bye rock guard.. 

More pics once I remove that orangepeel from the clearcoat 

Z32 diagnosis

Picked up a ConZult cable from CZP ( so I could plug the Fairlady into my laptop and get some diagnostic information.  There are several programs for sale out there that offer free evaluation versions, eg: ecuTalk, ConZult, Datascan.. The problem is that the free versions are all very limited in functionality.

Enter Dr300zx (  a free program that appears to do everything I need.  Diags, tests, sensors, live data, etc.  Definitely recommend it.

Here’s a couple of the screens: