interesting placement..

An r35 engine (vr38dett) is very similar to the z32 engine (vg30dett) in design, and after seeing this vr38 setup i started to wonder if it would be possible for a similar setup in my Z.

I called City Of Calgary Traffic Police regarding side exhaust that pipes straight out the side fender and he said it would be fine as long as it wasn’t a 3.5″ pipe and was designed to be functional over loud. Hmm.. with that in mind i might opt to bring the exhaust to the back still then and use mufflers

I don’t really see any problems though, kind of interested to hear what opinions you might have or advice. With the intake/pop charger removed and mounted directly to the turbos, that saves all that room up front for either a FMIC or angled dual SMICs side by side.

The radiator would be relocated to the back of the car or perhaps share the front nose with the IC.. I have seen a rad relocate in person on a car that had a 2jz wedged in there so tight the rad needed to be moved for space



Author: 403zAdmin

={[ 300zx z32 JDM TT 2+2 ]}=

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