Project: New Paint

I’ve been avoiding painting my Z for quite some time, years infact.  The last quote i had from a dealership was $11,000 and a local shop wanted $6,000.  I refuse.  The alternative is to do it myself, and although i’ve never painted with a gun before, we all have to start somewhere.

I called around today and found rough prices for primer, paint and clear, i can get it all for under $500.  I’m going for a gray primer, 1.8mm tip gun, Aventador 2016 Rosso Bia Lamborghini red 1.4mm gun, and clearcoat AC2100.  The paint is red metallic with pearl and will look fantastic if i can pull this off.

paint color:


I’ll be building a paint booth at home out of 2×2 lumber, poly, a furnace filter, and a big ass square house fan when the time comes.  There is still a lot of prep to do first, including finishing the removal of the red plastidip that covers the left side of the car and rear bumper.  Boy am i ever glad i decided to only spray half the car and see if i liked it… Plastidip looked ok at first, but holds dirt, is hard to get clean, and wears poorly over time for a daily driver.  Removing it is a huge pain though, the spots that won’t peel off i have to use a combination of googone gel and methyl hydrate to ‘melt’ and dissolve it into a paste and wipe with rags.


Author: 403zAdmin

={[ 300zx z32 JDM TT 2+2 ]}=

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